Different cats. Different needs.

Your moody kitty will finally turn towards you when you make sure it gets the right nutrition. All cats are different, and so are their nutritional needs.

Many house cats are still fed home-prepared diets made from human foods. What people don’t understand is that diets that are suitable for humans rarely deliver enough nutrients for dogs or cats. It is hard to make a complete well-balanced diet at home.

Here’s the difference in the nutrient composition of home prepared food and manufactured pet food:

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And that is why, we have partnered with pet experts to bring tailored nutrition to your cat. Our nutritional formulas are created to help your cat through different life stages, across a host of medical conditions and needs. Our aim is to give your best friend the best and that has driven us to create over 200 specific formulas.

We’ve dedicated our lives to the truth that every animal has the potential to be incredible. Incredible in every detail.

Which of these options describes your cat?

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